Health education – meetings schedule

The citizens of Radziemice, Koniusza and Koszyce are welcome to take part in educational meetings.

The meetings will be held as follows:



Gmina Radziemice:

  • 12.08 godz. 20:00 Kowary - remiza
  • 13.08 godz. 20:00 Lelowice - świetlica
  • 17.08 godz. 20:00 Wierzbica - remiza
  • 19.08 godz. 20:30 Radziemice - świetlica
  • 21.08 godz. 20:00 Smoniowice - świetlica



Proszowice District Bike Slam

On Sunday morning -26 July 2015-  passers-by  could see a long, divided into several age groups Bike Slam going along Proszowice streets. The event was organised as a part of EEA Akcja Zdrowie project. The bikers were supposed to cover the distance from Proszowice to Nowe Brzesko via Koszyce and back.


Take part in Proszowice Bike Ride

We would like to invite all citizens of Proszowice District to take part in bike ride which will take place on Sunday -26 July 2015. We will cover the route Proszowice – Koszyce – Nowe Brzesko – Proszowice.

Everyone who wants to participate is requested to register at 9.30 in The Sport and Rehabilitation Centre in Proszowice.




Get to the seaside by

If you don’t have an idea how to spend the weekend why don’t you get to the seaside by bike? It is only 607 km to go so it not a problem – or is it? For eight brave men it was not – they covered the distance in only two days. They set off on Saturday morning and after 320 km they got to Płońsk, where they stayed overnight.


The Family Picnic – Tug-of war game with lung cancer – how to win?

Several hundred citizens of Proszowice District took part in The Family Picnic, another event under EEA Akcja Zdrowie project,  held on Sunday afternoon 21 June 2015 in The Sport and Rehabilitation Centre in Proszowice. Even  unpredictable weather with passing showers did not put the contestants off who came here to participate in individual and team sport events prepared by the organisers.


The Family Picnic in Proszowice – 21 June 2015

The Head of Proszowice District would like to invite all citizens to take part in The Family Picnic  which will be held on 21 June 2015 from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm in The Sport and Rehabilitation Centre in Proszowice.
Many outdoor games, activities  and attractions await for those who will visit the place and all of them are free of charge.




Online chat with doctor Łukasz Goliński – pulmonologist

This time we would like to invite you to an online chat with doctor Łukasz Goliński, pulmonologist on 29 may 2015 under EEA Akcja Zdrowie project. It will start at 11.15

on our FB page: Facebook – Akcja Zdrowie.




Online chat with doctor Joanna Chamera – pulmonologist

We would like to invite the citizens to an online chat with doctor Joanna Chamera, pulmonologist on 28 may 2015 under EEA “Akcja Zdrowie” project. It will start at 12.15 on our FB page: Facebook – “Akcja Zdrowie” and the doctor will be answering your questions for an hour.

Please, feel invited to the chat!




Spirometric tests for citizens of Proszowice District


The head of Proszowice District informs that spirometric tests and chest x-ray tests for citizens will be conducted in Public District Hospital in Proszowice beginning with 10 June 2015. The action is organised in accordance with EEA “Akcja Zdrowie” project schedule.


The Starost Cup District Table Tennis Contest

Table Tennis Contest was held in Town Sports Hall in Proszowice as a part of “Health promotion through the implementation of preventive programmes, including screening tests and diagnostics as well as educational health-oriented actions, in order to decrease morbidity and mortality from lung and bronchial cancer in the Proszowice Poviat.” project. The tournament lasted two days and was divided into the following categories:

20 March 2015